Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is Buying a CityVille Guide Worth It?

When CityVille guides began popping up I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I had never actually played the game myself but I figured that there couldn't be all that much to it. How much strategy could really go into building a virtual city? When I saw all the hype about CityVille and the fact that there were these guides I figured there must be something to CityVille after all.

CityVille turned out to be much more complex and enjoyable than I had figured it would be. There are so many options, buildings, crops, businesses and additions that you have so many decisions to make. The more I got into playing CityVille the more I realized that the strategies involved were much more complex than I had expected. I did not want to spend all my time using trial and error to get the best possible city. I wanted someone to do all that for me so I went out and bought a guide.

The guide I ended up buying is called CityVille Secrets. I had heard some good things about it and it seemed like the most logical choice. CityVille Secrets is relatively new and they update it constantly so it contains the latest additions to the game and will add new updates as CityVille adds new features. I wasn't expecting too much from this guide as I have bought game guides in the past the have just been average. CityVille Secrets however, completely blew me away! I had no idea how they could have so much detailed information, secrets and strategies when CityVille is still new.

Click here to visit The CityVille Secrets Guide Online.

As soon as I began implementing the CityVille secrets, tips, and strategies I went from a level 13 to a level 35 in only a week of relatively little gameplay. There is a lot more going on in CityVille than meets the eye and if you don't do things properly you could be missing out on countless coins and experience while playing more than you need too. If you are interested in getting the most out of your CityVille experience then I recommend picking up a copy of CityVille Secrets today.

Click here to visit The CityVille Secrets Guide Online.

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  1. thanks! I just checked the members area again and everything is there. Was worrying that this was just some cheap scam, lol. On their homepage they didn’t make it really clear they were in the process of updates. Looks like there’s some pretty good stuff and some great strategies.